Eulogy of Formosan Ocean

【Update News】The whaleshark captured offshore Taitung County in Taiwan, has been conducted a satellite tagging plan by Professor Zhuang Shoucing ’s team of the Ocean University, Taiwan.(2018.06.10)

Marine lifeforms were amongst the most inspirational icons of Glamour’s creative designs. According to, the interview with Prof. Shou-Zheng Chuang of the Ocean University Department of Environmental Biology and Fishery mentioned that over 90% of large marine lifeforms are currently facing extinction due to human fishing operations; hence conservation of whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is of imminent importance. This interview has drawn attention to the marine-loving designers at Glamour, and thus decided to participate in the conservation program: “let our magnificent gems be part of this meaningful act and together we shall preserve the Formosan marine ecology”

In 2004, a French TV production team stumbled upon Prof. Zhuang’s work and came to Taiwan to film the documentary “Whale shark in Taiwan”. In the film. the whale sharks’ migration routes were tagged and tracked via satellite and detail recorded by Prof. Zhuang’s research team. With Prof. Zhuang’s hard efforts, the whale shark was listed as prohibited fishing specie by the Taiwan government in 2008. The preservation expanded further when the whale shark was also identified as a second-class endangered species by the Washington Convention.

Glamour launched a series of marine life form fine jewelry collection this year: “Eulogy of Formosan Ocean”, as a tribute to the ocean and wishing to elevate awareness of marine life conservations to various art collectors. The debut piece of the series “Reincarnation of life” was a whale art jewelry brooch - lustrous pearls and sparkling diamonds were imitating ocean bubbles whilst the bluish-purple tanzanite stone protected by the whale, was symbolizing the mysterious marine life form. Furthermore, the brooch was carefully crafted to illustrate whale’s vibrant shuttling in the vast open sea, and one may also vaguely notice Taiwan’s contour incorporated into the design.

All profit generated from the “Eulogy of Formosan Ocean” collection shall be donated to Prof. Zhuang’s whale shark conservation program. It is Glamour’s aspiration that the continuous development of human race may eventually reduce its impact on marine life forms and thus sustain the circle of life.