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盛夏八月,是屬於火象獅子的季節,同時擁有魅力外放如驕陽般熾烈,與高貴自持如明月般冷豔氣質的獅子座女王,最適合用 GLAMOUR 絕美的珠寶妝點她獨特耀眼,令人無比心動的雙面魅力!
熱情豔夏 海洋幻境
Heritage Jewelry Forged by the Passage of Time
Mother Nature’s extraordinary gifts have created numerous magnificent marvels. Every precious gem is nurtured for at least millions of years in order to radiate the most dazzling and brilliant colors.

Glamour Fine Jewelry is devoted to creating everlasting masterpieces that showcase Mother Nature’s precious gift and highlight the beauty of these precious gems.

2019.12 Vintage Square
<Vendome Square> , (March,2020)
“Beyond Beauty , Above Legacy”
Glamour’s latest representative collection was published in the well-known jewelry magazine <Vendome Square> . This brilliant and vibrant jewelry collection is about to go on a touring exhibition

We welcome all jewelry collectors to join Glamour,
to this dazzling jewelry art journey!
Atlantean Allegory
Glamour Fine Jewelry’s Latest “The cycle of karma” series, has finally published the final chapter, which is inspired by mermaids hailing from the lost city of Atlantis and bringing these ancient mythical creatures back to life.
Glamour Fine Jewelry has once again forged a new milestone in jewelry art and hopes that “Atlantean Allegory,” while being the final chapter of the “The cycle of karma" series, will also segue into an overture of ancient fables and dreams.
<Vintage Square>
"Glamour Journey"
In November of 2015,
Glamour Fine Jewelry published a limited hardcover edition of classical jewelry illustrations “Glamour Journey” : Set Sail (2006 to 2010) and Exploring (2011 to 2015) ,conveying the adventurous seafaring spirits whom sail into the unknown in search for precious gems across the world and creating a whole new chapter in the league of customized luxurious gemstone jewelry designs.
“Glamour Journey” is only reserved and gifted to the Glamour Fine Jewelry Collectors.